Reading and Reading Logs

To help our students continue to grow their literacy skills and support changes in the classroom, students are encouraged to read 30 minutes each day at home, to supplement and strengthen the reading they’re doing in the classroom. They can read any materials that interest them.


  • All GIA students, all grade levels
  • Parents can help by reading with children at home
  • Community members can help by becoming volunteer readers or reading buddies and/or by donating books or funds for books


  • Read 30 minutes per day
  • Use any reading materials you’d like
  • Complete a reading log and return it to your teacher


  • Every day for 30 minutes a day


  • At home
  • At lunch
  • After school
  • On the bus or in the car
  • In waiting rooms
  • Anywhere!


  • Reading is a powerful way to build vocabulary and increase overall literacy
  • Building a love of reading will support other academic areas and better prepare children for increased workloads in college
  • Community members can support GIA students donating books or funds to purchase books