Friday, January 27, 2017


To: GIA Parents/ Local Busnisses/ Muslim Community


Assalamu alykum warahmatu lahi wabarakatuh,


Alhamdulillah Greensboro Islamic Academy is blessed with a great Muslim community that continuously supports the Islamic education of our children. Truly without our brothers and sisters we couldn’t have made it for 14 years now. As you may know we came a long way since 2003 with only 10 students in Kindergarten. Mashaa Allah this school year, the academy is proud to continue its legacy of educating 144 children from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8.

The challenge of raising good Muslim kids in our community is huge, but in shaa Allah together, school and community, we could success. Our students are learning all secular subjects in addition to Islamic studies, Qur’an, and Arabic. Also they are prying Thuhur prayer in jamaa at the masjid and participating in ICG events.

Because the majority of our students are coming from low-income families, our funds are so limited and so we are considered a Tile I school. With that being said GIA receives a financial assistance through state educational agencies to help ensure that Title I students meet challenging state academic achievement standards. GIA also receives funds from The Opportunity Scholarship Program that provides funding for eligible students. In addition occasional donations are coming from our generous community and local businesses.

As our school is growing and the number of students is increasing alhamdulilah, financial help is very needed to cover the growth expenses. As a matter of fact, the school shelters are missing tables and chairs and some students set on rugs for lunch time. The playgrounds, bathrooms, and water fountains are in a bad shape and they need equipment and maintenance. School supplies and technology equipment are also needed (Computers, printers, printing papers, staplers, pencils, notebooks,…)

Before concluding Greensboro Islamic Academy, students and staff, are seeking your donations and support so that our school could continue to function properly. You can make a difference by sponsoring one of the projects listed above, donating equipment or school supplies, or even by making douaa for school and students. Your contribution is tax deductible and a tax donation receipt will be provided upon request.

Finally, thank you and jazakum allah khayr for your tirelessly support to provide our young Muslim children with appropriate educational needs that makes them good students in school and good Muslim citizens in the world.

On behalf of the Greensboro Islamic Academy students and staff, thank you so very much!


Widad Mohamed